Using Windows Live Writer with WordPress

Eric | November 16, 2007

Screenshot of Live Writer while editing this post This blog is powered by WordPress, probably one of the finest pieces of blog software I ever saw. And the best: Since recently there’s a new Microsoft Software called Windows Live Writer which allows you to edit posts offline, in a neat little Windows client. And I am not talking about some of those cheap clients that might be around and only support half of the necessary features. No, it fully integrates with WordPress, so perfectly that I am really astonished and positively surprised about Microsoft. The software automagically…

  • downloads my style sheet so that I can edit my posts 100% WYSIWYG
  • downloads all my tags and categories
  • lets me download, edit and republish existing blog entries and pages
  • lets me draft new posts and pages online and publish them whenever I like
  • lets me insert and automagically upload pictures to my blog
  • allows for extensions to gazillions of plugins which I have not even tried!

So all in all great Job Microsoft! Sometimes I really appreciate the offline nature of MS applications (e.g. in contrast to Google Apps).