Relational Aspects as Tracematches

Eric | February 10, 2008

image You might remember my previous post (or that one) about relational aspects. As I mentioned there, relational aspects allow you to associate certain objects with an aspect and execute pieces of advice in this aspect in the context of these objects.

We have now published the final camera ready version of our AOSD 2008 submission. There we show in particular how relational aspects can be implemented using tracematches. Further, we show you what relational tracematches are, and we give examples of how use both, relational aspects and tracematches, such as caching or the observer pattern. You can grab the AOSD paper directly from here. Or, in case you are interested in all the nifty details, grab our updated and extended technical report version. Also, in case you have any comments on this work, please let me know!