now PicLens enabled!

Eric | June 19, 2008

PicLens view of my galleryJust after installing Firefox 3 yesterday I stumbled upon PicLens, a really fun image viewer which integrates nicely into firefox with this plugin. My webpage and gallery are now PicLens-enabled which means that after you installed the PicLens plugin all you have to do is move to my webpage or to one of the albums in my gallery and hit the little PicLens button at the top: image

Note: Before you click, you have to wait until it turns blue. On my home page that might take a couple of seconds because the plugin will load information about all the images in my gallery. If you move to a single album in my gallery only the images in this album will be shown when you hit the image button.

If you want to PicLens-enable your own Gallery2, you can download picLensRss.php here.

Have fun! I will 😉