Opening multiple eclipse workspaces in MacOS X

Eric | May 2, 2009


One of the things that immediately annoyed me about MacOS X is that you cannot launch multiple eclipse workspaces using the dock because when you click on an already-opened application in the dock this will simply bring the application to the front, it won’t open another instance for it. You can use the command line but that’s awkward if you do it often…

So I coded up a solution. Simply download this DMG file, mount it and drag the application that it contains somewhere on your harddrive. Then pin that application to the dock. Every time you click it, it will open a new Eclipse instance. In the dock they will apper to the right (see above).

Note that the app assumes that eclipse is installed in /Applications/eclipse/.

Update (September 3rd, 2009)

I have updated the file so that it now contains a universal binary. Apparently the former binary was PPC only. (I only noticed when Snow Leopard asked me to install Rosetta when launching the app…)

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