Automated Software Engineering

Eric | February 19, 2010

In the upcoming summer semester, Martin Monperrus and I will be teaching a new course on Automated Software Engineering, here at TU Darmstadt. During the course we will look at the entire development life-cycle from a tool perspective: How can automated tools support programmers during the design, implementation, testing and maintenance of a software product? We will talk about approaches to…

  • automated analysis & definition of requirements
  • computer-aided design of software
  • implementation with intelligent IDEs
  • automated testing and verification
  • computer-aided bug finding
  • aiding program understanding by mining latent specifications from existing software
  • advanced debugging & profiling techniques
  • computer-aided refactoring and documentation

The course webpage contains a rough outline of the topics that we have planned but at this point we are still open for suggestions, as long as they fit the general topic.