Submission deadline in 2 months: RV 2010 at Malta

Eric | March 30, 2010

RV Conference










Just in case you did not know yet: RV is becoming a conference. Submissions are due June 1st.

Runtime  verification (RV)  is concerned with monitoring and analysis of software  or hardware system executions.  The field is often referred to under different names, such as runtime verification, runtime monitoring, runtime  checking,   runtime  reflection,   runtime  analysis,   dynamic analysis,  symbolic dynamic analysis, trace analysis, log file analysis, etc.  RV can be used for many  purposes,  such as program understanding, systems  usage  understanding,  security  or  safety  policy monitoring,
debugging,  testing,  verification  and  validation,  fault  protection, behavior  modification (e.g.,  recovery),  etc.  A running system can be abstractly regarded as a generator of execution traces,  i.e., sequences of relevant  states or events.  Traces can be processed in various ways, e.g.,  checked  against formalized specifications, analyzed with special algorithms,  visualized,  etc.

Topics  of interest include, but are not limited to:

  • program instrumentation techniques
  • specification languages for writing monitors
  • extraction of monitors from specifications;  APIs for writing monitors
  • programming language constructs for monitoring
  • model-based monitoring and reconfiguration
  • the use of aspect oriented programming for dynamic analysis
  • algorithmic solutions to minimize runtime monitoring impact
  • combination of static and dynamic analysis;  full program verification based on runtime verification
  • intrusion detection, security policies, policy enforcement
  • log file analysis
  • model-based test oracles
  • observation-based debugging techniques
  • fault detection and recovery, model-based integrated health management and diagnosis
  • program steering and adaptation
  • dynamic concurrency analysis
  • dynamic specification mining
  • metrics and statistical information gathered during runtime
  • program execution visualization

The  RV  series  of events started in 2001,  as an annual workshop.  The RV’01 to RV’05 proceedings were published in ENTCS.  Since 2006,  the RV proceedings have been published in LNCS.  Starting with year 2010, RV is an  international  conference.  Links  to past RV events can be found at the permanent URL