Save the Date: Nov 1st-4th – Clara Tutorial at RV 2010

Eric | May 18, 2010

RV ConferenceToday I am having good news for everybody who is working on runtime monitoring in a Java-based setting and is thinking about using my Clara framework for partially evaluating runtime monitors at compile time. My tutorial proposal for RV 2010 has just been accepted.

For now, I am planning to cover the following topics:

  • Problem Statement: Why partial evaluation?
  • What’s out there? Overview of existing runtime-monitoring tools
  • Architecture of Clara: Important Design Decisions
  • Static analyses in Clara: How do they work? How can we use them?
    • Quick Check: syntactic, flow-insensitive
    • Orphan-Shadows Analysis: pointer-based, flow-insensitive
    • Nop-Shadows Analysis: pointer-based, flow-sensitive
  • Clara as a generic optimizer: How to allow your own runtime-verification tool to use Clara for static optimizations

If time permits also:

  • Clara and testing: Using Clara to tell apart useful from useless test cases

You can read the full tutorial proposal here. Patrick Lam will likely be joining me for the fun. We will likely be allocated a 2.5h slot, which is not a lot of time to cover all these topics. Therefore, if you would like me to cover some special topic in more detail than others, don’t be shy and let me know 😉

P.S. Also don’t forget that the paper submission deadline for RV is approaching quickly: June 1st!