TamiFlex 1.1 released

Eric | August 4, 2010

I am happy to announce that today we released version 1.1 of TamiFlex, our tool suite for dealing with reflection and custom class loaders in static analysis. Version 1.1 not only features several minor bug fixes but a completely new component called the Booster. Previous versions of TamiFlex required static analyses that were “TamiFlex-aware”, and at the current time the only such tool is Soot. The Booster makes TamiFlex compatible with virtually every static-analysis tool for Java bytecode: it transforms the original program into a new program version that is enriched with “materialized” versions of the originally reflective method calls, now in the form of standard Java method calls. Because these calls are now materialized in the code, static-analysis tools will discover them instead of unsoundly ignoring the calls.