MODULARITY: aosd2012 – Submit now!

Eric | April 1, 2011

The title of next year’s AOSD conference will be MODULARITY: aosd2012, to emphasize that AOSD has grown beyond the topics of pointcut/advice and now strongly encourages submissions related to any kind of modularity that facilitates reasoning about or maintenance of software systems.

AOSD 2012 will see three submission rounds and the first submission deadline is just about in four weeks:

  • Abstract submission: April 21, 2011
  • Paper submission: April 25, 2011

As Shigeru Chiba showed at AOSD 2011, submitting to an early round clearly pays off! The statistics of the two-round process of AOSD 2011 show that only 8% of new submissions were accepted at the second round. And this despite the fact that the overall acceptance rate at that round was roughly 25%. This is because new submissions have to compete with revised papers, which tended to be stronger (the acceptance rate of resubmissions was 50% that year).

We hence strongly encourage you to submit AOSD, and especially to submit to the first deadline already.

Submission information is available online, along with an FAQ about the three-deadline process.