OOPSLA has started

Eric | October 22, 2007

Hi all.

OOPSLA has just started yesterday. As usually it’s a lot of fun, to see all those people you only get to see at conferences, plus meeting all those new people that are doing interesting stuff. Jonathan Aldrich from CMU has a really strong and interesting group at the moment, working on typestate, program analysis and structural subtyping embedded in a nominally-typed language (Java). Two of them were attending the OOPSLA Doctoral Symposium, which was really a lot of fun. The DS was pretty well organized. It was preceded by a joint dinner yesterday, with presentation around the day today. The students really had without any exceptions really strong and interesting thesis topics, plus we got really great advice (at least IMHO) from the organizers, Elisa Baniassad, Todd Millstein, Martin Rinard and Siobhan Clarke.

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Working on it…

Eric | October 19, 2007

Yes, I know – my website has been in a really bad shape for a while now. Blame my old provider (Calibra-Web). They all the sudden threw in the towel, not even leaving me my database and files :-(
Hopefully I will have the (new) website up and running pretty soon.

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