TA strike coming to an end

Eric | June 13, 2008

Strike Yesterday McGill’s teaching assistants voted 96.2% in favor to accept a recommendation made by the conciliator a few days earlier. I think that the recommendation is a fair compromise and in particular it does not contain any strange loopholes no more like they did exist in the original proposal that McGill tabled some weeks ago. All that’s missing now is a proper back-to-work protocol. Once that’s negotiated and ratified the strike will finally be over – yeahhh!

The back-to-work protocol might cause another long debate though because McGill wants to avoid the lawsuits that AGSEM is currently running against them but on the other hand still does refuses to pay any compensation to people who were fired because of the strike. On the other hand McGill is running out of time as the case will go before the court in a little more than a week.