Collaborative Runtime Verification with Tracematches

Eric | November 29, 2008

imageAfter only a little more than one and a half years, we were now able to publish the (extended) journal version of our RV07 paper on Collaborative Runtime Verification with Tracematches. What’s it about? The idea is simple: Assume you are doing runtime verification, but the nature of the property you want to monitor requires you to instrument some really hot loops in your code. In result, your instrumented program runs very slow. So why not split up the instrumentation load? Multiple users get different “probes” of instrumentation. Instrumentation can even be enabled only temporarily in order to reduce the imageoverall runtime overhead. In this paper we showed that this approach works  and most importantly scales (see graphic to the right). Plus, we avoid any false positive (false warnings), due to a special pointer analysis of the verification property, even if the instrumentation is partially disabled and therefore certain events may be missed. The journal paper is very similar to the workshop paper but it’s self-contained. free download here