Reducing Configurations to Monitor in a Software Product Line

Eric | July 26, 2010

Joint work with Chang Hwan Peter Kim, Don Batory, and Sarfraz Khurshid, to appear at RV 2010.

Abstract: A software product line is a family of programs where each program is defined by a unique combination of features. Product lines, like conventional programs, can be checked for safety properties through execution monitoring. However, because a product line induces a number of programs that is potentially exponential in the number of features, it would be very expensive to use existing monitoring techniques: one would have to apply those techniques to every single program. Doing so would also be wasteful because many programs can provably never violate the stated property. We introduce a monitoring technique dedicated to product lines that, given a safety property, statically determines the feature combinations that cannot possibly violate the property, thus reducing the number of programs to monitor. Experiments show that our technique is effective, particularly for safety properties that crosscut many optional features.

Download the paper here.