ICSE Paper on "Taming Reflection" accepted

Eric | November 21, 2010

I am happy to announce that our ICSE submission titled “Taming Reflection – Aiding Static Analysis in the Presence of Reflection and Custom Class Loaders” got accepted for publication. (clap)

Static program analyses and transformations for Java face many problems when analyzing programs that use reflection or custom class loaders: How can a static analysis know which reflective calls the program will execute? How can it get hold of classes that the program loads from remote locations or even generates on the fly? And if the analysis transforms classes, how can these classes be re-inserted into a program that uses custom class loaders?
In this paper we present TamiFlex, a tool chain that offers a partial but often effective solution to these problems. With TamiFlex, programmers can use existing static- analysis tools to produce results that are sound at least with respect to a set of recorded program runs. TamiFlex inserts runtime checks into the program that warn the user in case the program executes reflective calls that the analysis did not take into account. TamiFlex further allows programmers to re-insert offline-transformed classes into a program.
We evaluate TamiFlex in two scenarios: benchmarking with the DaCapo benchmark suite and analysing large-scale interactive applications. For the latter, TamiFlex significantly improves code coverage of the static analyses, while for the former our approach even appears complete: the inserted runtime checks issue no warning. Hence, for the first time, TamiFlex enables sound static whole-program analyses on DaCapo. During this process, TamiFlex usually incurs less than 10% runtime overhead.

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The double meaning of "Soot and Java"

Eric | November 8, 2010

For a while now, I have been using Google alerts to be notified whenever somebody writes something on Soot and Java. Normally this is quite a good way to find out about new uses of the Soot framework, but not so this month: :|

Eruptions intensify from deadly Java volcano
Financial Times
on the outskirts of the Central Java city of Yogyakarta, to a radius of 15km. blanketing everything in grey soot and making it hard to breathe.

Dozens killed in latest Mount Merapi eruption
on Friday when Mount Merapi on Indonesia’s Java island erupted once again, altitude of cruising jetliners and the runway was covered in grey soot. Read the rest of this entry »
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New articel in "Forschen": Absicherung moderner Fahrzeugsoftware

Eric | November 4, 2010

This month, the magazine “Forschen” of the TU Darmstadt is featuring research performed at CASED. Together with Sven Patzina, Lars Patzina, Mira Mezini, Andreas Sewe and Andy Schùˆrr I co-authored the (German) article Absicherung moderner Fahrzeugsoftware. You can download it here, or download the complete edition of the magazine here.

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Slides from Clara tutorial & Research talk

Eric | November 1, 2010

Patrick and I were pleasantly suprised that so many people attended our tutorial. We promised to put the slides online for later reference. They are avilable now, in PDF (quite large, sorry…) and Keynote format. Same here for the research presentation: PDF (also quite large) and Keynote format.