Clara is hosted on Google Code.

Nightly builds

Eager to download the latest (probably unstable) version? Check out our nightly builds here.

Binaries necessary to run Clara with its default analyses

clara-1.0.0-complete.jar This JAR file contains Clara and all its dependencies in compiled form.

To run Clara, just type java -jar clara-1.0.0-complete.jar. See here for usage instructions.

Empty extension for researchers

We provide an empty extension to Clara that allows researchers to plug into Clara their own static typestate analysis with minimal effort. Download and unzip this extension. It contains an eclipse project with stubs for you to fill in, along with plenty of comments.

When extending Clara, you may find it handy to have Clara’s source code available. We provide instructions to access the source code below.

Building Clara from scratch

You can find instructions on how to browse or checkout the Clara source code on Google Code.

If you want to check out Clara’s source code with all its dependencies (Soot, abc, JastAdd), we provide a shortcut for you. Please create a fresh folder, and within that folder use:

svn co

This will checkout clara’s build tools into a folder build. To build Clara, open this folder and then execute the download script there. The script will fetch some dependencies from git, and others using subversion. Then, within the same folder call ant. That should be all.

Alternatively to just calling ant, you may modify build settings by copying the ant.settings.template file that you find in each directory to ant.settings and modifying the file according to your setup. Then simply use the ant build scripts to build Clara. If you have questions about the build process, please ask your question on our mailing list. We are happy to assist you.