Data races in the JDK!

Eric | June 14, 2008

At the moment I am doing some more work on evaluating tracematches ahead-of-time. One tracematch patten that we use in our benchmarks we called ASyncIter, a simplified version of which looks as follows:

tracematch(Collection c) {
	sym sync after returning:
		call(* Collections.synchr*(..)) && args(c);
	sym iter before:
		call(* Collection.iterator()) && target(c);

	sync iter {
			error(``Have to synchronize iterator at ''+thisJoinPoint);

This tracematch reports an error if you create a synchronized collection and then iterate over this collection without holding a lock on the collection object. According to the JDK javadoc this is forbidden as it can lead to a race condition. One has to use synchronized collections as follows:

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